Friday, March 30, 2012

A Gift for Baby Boy

 I made this little sun suit for a a gal expecting my hubby works with for her baby boy. I used the Oliver + S tea party sun suit pattern but added a few fun changes to it. I got the idea from The Cottage Home, what a talented woman she is!
 I used the dot fabric from Children at Play line, one of my favorite lines of fabric! I found the applique' template over at Skirt as Top. There a few very cute ones I want to use on some other things as well.  I used heat and bond light and then straight stitched around hte little whale. I even embroidery the little whale's eye on him .
 I changes the sun suit by making it four pattern pieces instead of six. I combined the top of the sun suit pattern pieces into the bottom pattern pieces. I then added little cuffs to the end of the shorts and added a button placket for the closer instead of the snap tape that the pattern calls for.  
I took the curves out of the lining and surged the edges for a nice finish. I added a custom tag made out of the name on the salvage of the fabric complete with the size for the inside. :)

I will make a tutorial this weekend of next week for this cute little outfit. I will be off to make one for this little guy too. I just love it's cuteness!

Happy Sewing!



  1. Cute Sharon, I love the colors and the whale. Wish I had a boy to sew for!

  2. I definitely love the color! And the whale is too adorable.


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