Wednesday, March 21, 2012

An Easter Sneak Peak!

 I finished up Sweet pea's Easter dress and couldn't wait to show it off! This year dress was made from the Oliver + S pattern the Bubble Dress but with a few changes to dress it up some.
 The bodice was made by the pattern with some added ribbon for the waist line to dress it up some. I did the skirt different though. I made the skirt full by cutting two pieces of fabric full width and sewing them together-a pain to gather ;)- and put a full slip lining under it with tulle to puff the skirt up a bit more. The tulle was alot fun to gather as well, lol. I had to work that part on my dinning room table. I finished it with two rows of ribbon a the bottom of the skirt.
 I did finish the two younger boys' shorts for their outfit too. I used a light weight cord the sketchbook pattern for O+S. I did a pin tuck down the entire pleat to dress it up some more. I was very hesitant on making shorts but glad I am now. Thank you O+S forums gals!!  
 I just love the stitching detail on these! Now only to finish the oldest boy's shorts then onto dress shirts. :)
 Happy Sewing!!


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