Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Easter For the Boys!

 I am so excited about finishing the boys' Easter outfits! They turned out way better than I hoped. At first I wasn't so sure about shorts but now I am so glad that I did make them shorts instead of pants this year, thanks you O+S forum girls!

sketchbook shirt + shorts sewing pattern
I used this pattern from Oliver + S, it has to be my very favorite boy pattern out there! I will be buying this very soon for the baby to be too. I can't wait to see this in minis. :)
 I love the stitching detail on this dress top, it really makes the shirt. The boys just love the pockets and already have plans on what needs to go in them, lol.  I used a butter cream yellow kona cotton fabric for the tops. I just love the feel of the fabric!
 I had to sew a label in theses I placed them on the inside of the button placket. I didn't want them on the outside so I thought this would be a perfect spot to place them. 
I made this shirt x3! The boys can't wait to wear their new outfits. The last few days as I was sewing them the would ask if they were done yet. I think this means the most to me. :) Nothing is better than them loving their new clothes!

Happy Sewing!


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