Saturday, March 10, 2012

Pin Wheel Fun

 Another outfit made with my little fabric stash I received in the mail last week! I love the pin wheel print, it's so much fun. I added a cute big pin wheel applique to the top to match the pin whiles in the print.
 The top is Clever Charlotte's finch top and the bottoms are altered Puppet show shorts from O+S. I do love that short pattern!

I made the shorts wiht a flat front and added tabs the bottom bias strip, and the bias strip I added about a 1/2" when I had cut it to make it wider when finished. It was agereat way to add some length for my growing girl.

I couldn't resit adding this photo, Sweet pea was really poseing for me!! That hardly ever happens anymore. What a sweetie she can be. :)  I see this makeing it to a frame on the wall.
I made my own pattern for the appique if anyone would like a tutorial on just let me know, I could get one up next week.

Have a wonderful weekend!!


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