Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday's Best

 With the baby's due date coming I am trying to finish up some sewing for him that I wanted to get done, I have been working on this outfit for a couple of weeks and just finished the bow tie up last night.

The top is O+S Sketchbook top and the bottom's are the Sailboat pants pattern. I think they look pretty good paired together. (they are pictured on Baby C's changing table, pad cover made by me.) I used the Children at Play fabric line for the pants and bow tie.
 The bow tie and pockets are done in then same pin wheel fabric. The bow tie is sorta made out two tutorials that I found online. One day I'll have to show you how I made it.
Almost done with only a few more things to be finished up before he's born! I need some more fabric for two of the outfits. One print I need to run down town but that trip will have to wait until the week starts. Too many kids in the quilt store adds up to alot of yardage of fabric bought!! (I don't know where they get that from. ;) )

I hope everyone is having a Happy Memorial Day weekend!



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