Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sewing for Mr W

 One thing I really love about sewing is making outfits for my hard to dress little guy. He has certain prints he just loves, (well he is a fun loven' boy!) and he is an odd size. His waist is so tiny and he is taller than his waist is. His waist is around a 3T and the length is around that of a 5. When I sew I am able to make is clothes fit wonderfully.  The top here is Oliver + S Sketchbook and the bottoms are Oliver + S Sandbox.
 The pockets have a fun surprise inside. He loves this.
 Of course there is back pockets. Where else would he put his wallet? ;) The waist has a draw sting tie so it makes for an even better fit.
 I found this print over at Hobby Lobby. He is a sock monkey loven' kid, it is like this fabric was made for him.
 This was the first long sleeve shirt I have with this pattern. It was surprising easy. I just had to take my time and use my seam ripper a few times.
 I cut the cord for the pockets out side ways to add bit more to the look of the pants. I also cut the cord out with the smooth feeling side going up. I read this tip on the Oliver + S blog. It really makes for wonderful pants.
 I top stitch every seam on both pants to make them durable for my rowdy boy. We haven't had any problems with any seams so far but I just wanted to make them a bit sturdier.  
Mr W little brother can also wear the size. Mr W was so kind as to share is outfit with his little brother. I love that they can share their clothes with each other. It makes it look as if they have too many clothes!
happy Sewing!

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