Sunday, November 18, 2012

Little Red Riding hood Cape

 With Sweet pea's casted arm we have faced a few challenges. One of the bigger ones being warm clothes to fit over her cast. Sure she can borrow her big brothers' shirts and sweaters but there are not what she is used to wearing. (so not pretty enough!!) She can wear all her summer dresses and tops but they are all sleeveless and it's far to cold wear them outside alone. She has been wearing one of G's zippered sweaters but this is much better so I am told. :)
 It works great over her cast and keeps her warm. I used a pattern from Oliver + S Little Things To sew book.  There are tons of great patterns in this book! The outside is red corduroy and the inside is super soft flannel from my  grandmother. I was surprised on how warm this is to wear. It will be great for her in cooler weather even after the cast comes off. It's hard to see here but the is little openings for her hands on the front of the cape. I hand stitched the these together for  neater finish.
 The blue rick rack was an after thought. I messed up royally on this one and wanted a neat finish on the cape. Lesson, never trace a pattern when your kids are in a bad mood!
Sweet pea picked out all the fabric for this one, even the button. The button is from my grandmother as well. She sent so many treasures it made it very hard for Sweet pea to pick just the right one. This cape sure did make Sweet pea's day. :) Thanks Grandma!!
Happy Sewing!

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  1. The cape's a really great idea for keeping that arm..and the rest of her..warm. She makes a very cute and cheeky red riding hood!


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