Friday, November 9, 2012

She can have a party if she wants too....

 My beautiful Sweet pea fell off her brothers' bed last weekend and broke her poor little arm. To cheer her up I was reading to her the American Girls Kit's Birthday book to her, she loves these books, and decided it was her birthday too. We figured why not just have a fun party for her to make her happy.
 She wanted a princess birthday party, not too hard just decorate things with her favorite color pretty pink. We decided to have this party the morning of her "birthday" so I just bought a store bought cake. The cake when cut was pink and purple in the inside. She called it her princess cake. :) Perfect!
 I took out some of her favorite fabric from off the shelf and use for a table cloth. Sadly none of mine look like princess ones so I was told. I placed tulle on the dining room light and added pretty heart streamers in the center. We used the good Christmas dishes too.
 Here is her cake. She loved it. She loves anything with frosting though. ;)
 We made princess cookies too. These cookie cutters also work great for fun shaped sandwiches. We bought these pretty table mints too. They were just the right colors.
 Yep, I think it cheered her up a bunch! (please don't look at the unpressed fabric!)
She told me that she felt just like a real princess and thank her brothers for helping. Even if it wasn't her real birthday she loved it any way.
Thank you my boys!!


  1. Tilly wants me to make ALL of this for her!

    1. It is so easy and fast to set up. I am sure she'll have have fun!


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