Saturday, November 24, 2012

Prince C is growing!

 Yep he is growing into all his clothes I have made him! He loves the soft Sleepover pj's the most I think. He always smiles when he wears them. These are 6-12 months size made with the Sarah Jane Children at Play fabric line. I love these prints! I have some cut out and still waiting on me for the older boys....
 They are still a bit big but in a good comfortable way.
 They are really wonderful to sit in and watch the family work on Christmas tree. Yep we can almost sit up by ourselves now! My how he has grown!
 These are the Cargo Sketchbook pants I made him in summer time. Both the ivory pair and brown pair are made in corduroy and are super soft. They are really wonderful for the chilly days here. (The tops are from Gymboree, I do love their clothes if I buy them!)
 The pants are a great fit for a wiggle giggle baby to play in. He did stay in one spot long enough for me to take a picture, sort of. ;)
 The pockets really work complete with working buttons holes. I know he will never use them this little but I love the look of them. I will have to make the Field Trip pants from Oliver+S soon for little guy too.
All his Sailboat pants too. They all have the button hole elastic in them so they should fit all they way to spring and hopefully next summer as well. I love these on him! My little sailor boy. :)
Happy sewing!

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  1. He is such a bonnie boy and you are a sweet mummy!


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