Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Cold Nights Means Homemade pj's and Other Things

 I made these a bit ago, well I made four pairs of these sleepover pj's for Prince C, and they finally fit! Sort of. ;) They are a still big but not bad fitting. Just right for these cold nights we have been having.
 He loves the feel of the flannel on his skin, oh so cosy! I used the Sarah Jane Children at play line for three out of four for him. They make wonderful pj's.

I have seven more cut out and waiting for sewing for the older kids. My plan is to make three pairs for each child but I have yet to get back to these. Other sewing always seems to bump these to the bottom of the list. The kids really could use theirs now too. Sadly I have to make a few tops for Sweet pea right now. She has a broke arm so none of her long sleeve shirts will fit over her splint and it's way too cold to be wearing sleeveless tops out.  (and I was hoping that this month would go better than last! I hurt my foot in September and I am still having to wear a boot thing not to say that hubby has been having heart test done too. If it's not one thing it's two more.) I made one shirt last night but the sleeve is tight fitting and the main part of the shirt is too big. So back to the drawing board.

I am going to make the 3T size next but add width to the middle of the sleeve but leave the bottom placket as is. This should do the trick. Thank you Liesl for advice on how to make this pattern work for us!
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  1. Hi, I am making these oliver + S sleepover pj's for my little grandson and he is 11 months old now. I was thinking of making 12-18 but wondered how old your son is and what size he is wearing... thanks, Joanne

    1. He is wearing the same pj's still at 12months old and they should fit for a while longer.


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