Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Music Class and Two plus Two

 Yes, another Oliver + S pattern or two!
I have wanted to make this skirt for Sweet pea for a while now. She seen on the O+S flicker a while ago and wanted one like it too.  In fact it's why I bought the 2+2 pattern in the first place! (I don't know why it's taken me this long to get around to make this skirt up, I have had the skirt cut out for months now) I tell you Nicole can you want more pattens than you ever though! She is so talented!
 The top is the Oliver +S Music Class blouse with a slight mod made to it. I had to add 2" to the center sleeve to add more room for her arm in the pink cast. I left the cuff the same by making the 1" pleat on the end of the sleeve to a 3" pleat. It work out pretty good too. It's a tad snug only when the cuff slides up a bit while she plays.
 I love the look of this outfit, it reminds me of a classic little girl look. The blouse has these very pretty pin tucks in the front and back and the pleated skirt is so girly! It beautiful enough for church but still comfy enough for play.  The fabric on the skirt is a black twill with the velvet ribbon around the waist band. The blouse top in made out of the Children at play line and finished with buttons from grandma. I wished that I did wait a a few more hours to make the button hole though. My aunt sent Sweet pea the perfect buttons to finish this outfit with. It's just as well though, Sweet pea thinks they are her new button bracelet and it matches her new outfit. :)
I am not to sure what I will sew next. Sweet pea has "order" a few things and there are some tops and a cape to sew her that she now needs and some tops and pants for the baby that I am dieing to get the idea. ;)
Happy Sewing!!

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  1. Sweetheart!
    You are wonderful for my confidence. Thank you.

    Sweetpea looks so pretty and grown up.
    xx N


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