Sunday, January 27, 2013

As Close to Snow as We'll Get!

We do not get much winter weather here, at least not in the last two years, but on Friday we had some sleet. With the kids it might as well had been snow! They had so much fun playing in it. :) 
It was a bit slippery and bit of fun to throw at each other. W was the only one who was outside for just a few minutes. He said it was too cold and went back inside.

Here's Sweet pea sporting her O+S clothes. He coat from last year still fits and the After School pants are still her favorite. I do need to make her and the boys winter hats though....

Sweet pea had lots of fun sliding round the front porch, she called it ice skating. hehehe

It was a very fun while it lasted! (and yes G is wearing his pj's outside playing in them)

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend too!

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