Sunday, January 20, 2013

Happy 3rd Birthday Sweet pea!!

Happy Birthday to our little girl! We can't believe your 3 years already. Where did the time go?
She is already growing into a beautiful little girl and is no longer our baby. Such a sweet little girl too. God has blessed us so much!
For one and only girl I had to make her a very special birthday dress. I had bought a while ago some floral print in Sarah Jane Children at Play line and saved it just for this. One of my go to patterns and one of Sweet pea's favorites the Oliver + S Bubble pattern. I added 2" to the front and back skirt to give it more fullness to the skirt, other than it is perfect as is! I finished it off with pink velvet trim ribbon. Sweet pea loves it! She even wore the dress to bed last nigh. :)
We just had a family party, but with our family it's still a big party! She had so much fun with her brothers.
I made her favorite "Pink Princess treats" complete with Cinderella shoe cookies and silver princess crowns. These were way easier than trying to pipe out a Lego ninjas head. ;)
She wanted a pink princess cake so I decided to make a pink 3 tired cake with roses piped over the whole thing finished with her princess crown. When she seen her cake she did this gasp. (I pretty sure this means she loves it.) It was followed by her having to show everyone in the house her cake. I sure if I just made this it would have been more than enough for her.  
I made her cupcakes too with silver sprinkles and some "princess cookies" as she calls them. These cookies were gone quick!
It was a wonderful birthday!
Happy Birthday Sweet pea!!


  1. What a beautiful girl and dress! It is a perfect birthday dress. I have the pattern and I can't wait to try it. i love the cake and all the treats too. You have given me lots of ideas for my daughter's second birthday in April.

  2. All the treats looks just great! I especially love the cake you made Sharon. It's simply beautiful and of course so is the Birthday Girl and her Bubble Dress. I'll bet Sarah had a wonderful day!

  3. Happy birthday, Sweet Pea!
    Love the party decoration and the gorgeous bday cake! I wish I was that tallented. My girl would love a pink princess themed party as well! (she will turn 5 in March, so thanks for the inspiration)


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