Friday, January 25, 2013

Pattern Busting! School Days Coat for Prince C!

One of my New Year's resolutions is to sew through all the patterns I have bought and was gave to me. It's been real fun starting at them on the shelf and day dreaming what they will be when I sew them up but time to put them to use!
First on the list is the Oliver + S School Days coat. I was lucky to find this pattern in the paper print a while ago but it can now be bought as a PDF for the Oliver + S website. I made baby prince C one first seeing he didn't have a proper winter coat. My grandmother sent me this wonderful box full of lovely fabrics including this wonderful heavy weight plaid flannel. It works perfect for a coat. I lined this with royal blue fleece to keep little guy warm. (From my mom) and finished it with buttons my grandmother sent me a bit ago. I just love these buttons!

The pattern is rated a three scissors out of four but to my surprise it was really easy to sew, it was just a lot of pieces to sew together. It was so much fun watching this coat come together!
My first thought before I made this was to make the bigger size of 18months but with the help of the wonderful O+S ladies I decided to make the 6months size because this pattern tends run on the bigger size. I am sure glad I did make the smaller size too! This is big on him but not bad. I do hope it fits this next winter too. I really think it will too if he keeps growing like our other kiddos did.   

I think the colors really suit he well too. He loves the soft outer fabric. He kept felling it after I tried it on him. He has good taste in fabrics too. ;)

Say aaaaahhhh!!
I had to add this one photo of him, see his two bottom teeth. :) He has a new top tooth too!

I will be making a few more of these too. Sweet pea has ordered one with some Pink corduroy with light pink fleece lining. (Thanks grandma again!!) and W and G want one too. I will make Sweet pea's up first to get just the right size for the two middle boys. The are skinny minis so I am sure the 3T will fit them I just need to add length to the sleeve and body of the coat. So I'll have too see. 

I am not sure if I mentioned that this coat has an awesome lining in it!! I really love this part of the coat. It was so neat sewing this part. It's my favorite part of the coat I think. :) 

Happy sewing!!


  1. I am so glad you made the 6 month!
    What a beautiful bonnie boy.

    1. Oh me too! The 18m would have been way too big for him. Thank you for your help!

  2. Goodness he's grown!
    Glad you made this coat, results are gratifying don't you agree? I just love the fabric too, it's so cheery.

  3. He sure has! He is already trying to stand on his own but his laegs a restill a bit shaky. This coat was so much easier to make than I thought, very gratiying to sew! Thanks!

  4. Oh my goodness, you're killing me over here! So. Freaking. Adorable.


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