Monday, July 14, 2014

Rice Bags for Rainy Days

Last week while it was raining out Sweet pea and I decided to sew up some rice bags to play tossing games with. It was super easy and quick!

We just pinned together two fabric charms with the right sides together and stitched around the outside using a 1/4" seam allowance, leaving a 1 1/2" opening for filling with the rice. Turned them, stuffed them, stitched them and enjoy! Yep that simple!

Sweet pea helped to make everyone of them too. She had more problems turning them than helping with stitching the bags. (Well except for her lead sewing foot! We need to work on that.) I help her to start turning them and she finished the corners using a pencil.

I held a small funnel in the opening so she could place the rice in the bags. We filled ours half full and I did machine stich the openings closed. I was afraid if she did he rice might fall out everywhere....maybe in another year. ; )

It really was  a great way to add fun to a rainy day. T(hese should even work as heat packs in the winter too.) Her and the boys had a blast tossing these around. I did try to get the boys to help make them too but they were having to much fun playing video games instead, oh well we still had fun. : )



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    1. they are so much fun to make with my little girl. It's wonderful to see her taking to sewing already.


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