Thursday, July 10, 2014

She finally Wants Shorts!

My Sweet pea only wants to wear dresses. All winter long she could not figure out why on earth I would not let her out to play in the snow in just a dress and stockings. She thinks they are so much cooler to wear in the hot weather as well....that is until she realized in the hot, humid air that you just can't slide down the slide in just a skirt or dress with out getting stuck on the slide the whole way down. (If you can picture this in your head it was extremely funny!) So she finally requested some shorts for play ground wear! 

I decided to make the Picnic shorts from Oliver + S since I have not sewn them once yet. I had bought the pattern about two years ago on sale over half off but it was the bigger sizes, she can always grow into them right?! These are a size 5 in pink twill, a bit big but not bad looking at all. She loves the construction of the front, it lets her run and climb as easily as the dresses and skirts does. I love the constructions on these inside and out! Such a clever sew, I should not have been so surprised.

The top is Oliver + S free Ruffle halter top, yep it's a free pattern! This top went together super quick. I did finish the edges of the ruffles on the serger with a rolled hem but it really didn't take much longer to make it. The fabric is a seersucker that I have had on hand for a few years now. Sweet pea loves this top too as much as her shorts.

Besides the top having these beautiful cascading ruffles it has this breezy open back, I think this is the part of the top that Sweet pea likes so well.

I did top stitch the shorts in a coordinating thread, I got this idea from MC in the flicker group at Oliver +S. I adore all of her sewing!

These shorts are play ground approved personally by Sweet pea herself. : )

Happy Sewing!!



  1. Yay! So cute! Girly, but PRACTICAL. (I'm a big fan of practical. Just thinking about poor Sweets going down the slide with her thighs and bottom sticking the whole way causes me physical discomfort! Shorts are much better. LOL.)

    1. She and her hinny has decided the same thing, lol.


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