Thursday, July 3, 2014

Camp Out Birthday Party!

Caspian had the best party ever this year! Well, almost the best. Most our family was here to celebrate the day with us.

Here is the dessert table. I made both banners out of a Riley Blake panel. The name of it slips my mind now, but it did work out perfectly I think. I used a fabric to make both table clothes , fabric courtesy of my grandma, (thanks grandma!) She always sends me the best fabrics. : )  I did try to keep everything simple since it was an out doors party too.

We had a trail mix bar and we roasted hot dogs on a open fire. Yummy! It's one of our kids favorite things to eat.

I made "camp fire" cup cakes. I used honey pretzels for the "wood" under the fire frosting. These were super easy to make.  I seen the idea on Pintrest somewhere but I can't tell you where, sorry.

A forest of sugar cookies anyone? There are a few leaning trees due to a two year old boy trying to sneak a few.....not that Caspian could tell you who. ; )

And of course I did make s'more cookies too. These were super easy to make too. I just followed the recipe for chocolate chip cookies but added a half a bag of the chocolate chips, a 1/2 cup of the Jet-Puffed Mallowbits and about 4 crumbled lightly gram crackers. This was the biggest hit with my kids.

Lastly for the decorations is the canvas table runners I made I use left over fabric from the Puppet Theater I made at Christmas time to make both of them. I cut them then added a decorative stitch that my sewing machine does, an oak leaf, and just did a narrow hem to finish them.  Super simple again just time consuming. I never thought I was going to finish sewing those leaves on! I used mason jars with rocks in the bottom with water to make candle holders for the floating candles as well. These are very pretty in the dark, sadly I forgot to light any of them. Oh well, we can still use them on another night. 

Now the wee ones favorite part of the day! Grandpa/great-grandpa was  giving out "tractor" rides. Caspian and his small cousin couldn't get enough of these!
My brother was glad to help out with riding in the back with the small ones. (there was four generations here for the party too, my dad, my brother, his son my nephew and his two boys. I wish I had thought of taking their picture altogether!)

Caspian and his cousin were fast friends too. They both are around the same age and got along very well. It was so cute to see them playing together.

Are they not just the cutest?!? 

All in all it was a very good day for the most part. My husband had to work last minute. Which was really a bummer seeing it was also our 12th wedding anniversary too. The other was that my nephew's oldest son was hurt and broke his leg, yah that was beyond super sticky as the kids would say. We are praying for a quick recovery for him.

We did have a wonderful visit with family and I think everyone had a good time. I hope we can do it again!

Happy Birthday my son!!



  1. I can't believe he's 2 already! Happy Birthday little fella, looks like an awesome party.

  2. Happy 2nd birthday, C!! The decorations and treats look amazing, Sarah!


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