Monday, July 14, 2014

Ella needs new clothes too!

Remember this dress here I just sewn Sweet pea? Well you know I had to it, Ella needs a summer dress too! (the Waldorf doll I made Sweet pea at Christmas time)

I made her a wrap dress with ruffles with a matching ruffle bloomer just like the ones made Sarah years ago. The ruffles I made on serger, 3/4" wide.

Not bad with some scraps from another dress huh?!

The dress this time has real working button holes. I figure I should make it like the big ones so Sweet pea can get some practice at buttons for herself. I even made Ella a new pink cloth nappy. (Sorry no picture of this)

This wee belly button still gets me. : )

Happy Sewing!!



  1. Oh my goodness, the CUTE!! The CUTE!!! It's hurting my eyes! Cannot even believe those ruffled bloomers.

    1. hehehehe, the ruffles are super fun to make! I love it when Sarah had a dress just like this one when she was a baby/toddler.

  2. I love this doll!
    And matching clothes are so fun to sew :)

    1. Thank you! Sarah and I are really enjoying her so much! She loves to play with her and I just adore sewing for her. I have so many ideas left for clothes for her. If I could I make a bunch of these dollies up and a wardrobe for each!


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