Saturday, July 19, 2014

Oliver + S PIcnic Blouse and Shorts

With Sarah growing like a weed she needed some more summer outfits that are not dresses, as per her request. So next on the list was another pair of the Picnic shorts and one top more. She has a lovely top already from the amazing Ana Sofia that she adores wearing so I though she would love one more top to wear with this pair of shorts. (Seriously, she wears the top for her at least three times a week!)  

This top is made in a light weight pink gingham trimmed in some very special lace from the Anan Sofia herself. I have saved this trim for just a top like this one. I have had this pattern for nearly two years until Sarah grew big enough to fit into it (I bought it on sale for a very good price), well it's still a tad big but looks good now and should fit great next summer too.   

The shorts are a navy blue twill. Something sturdy for playing in. She does shorts but she still hasn't gotten used to them completely. She keeps pulling the front of her shorts up, I not really sure why though. I am assuming that it's the way they sit against her leg and she not used to that feeling from wearing all her skirts and dresses.

As always Liesl does not disappoint! The shorts and top are such a lovely sew! Both are quick to sew and are both so beautifully finished on the inside as well as the outside. Clever, clever! I can see this pattern becoming a go-to one.  

I just love it on my girl. : )

She loves it too. She had to wear this to bed to sleep in and the next day as well. As soon as it is washed she told me she wants it back again.  Which makes me think that this top would make a great night top paired with the Sunny Days shorts.  

Summer sewing is really so much fun! I love trying new patterns. If you are wanting this pattern as well right now over at Oliver + S they are on sale 50% off!! But only until the 20th of this month.

Happy sewing!!



  1. She looks so adorable with the new outfit!
    You did a great choice for the top - I'm so tempted to make a similar version for my girl (when fall arrives. Currently it's a bit too hot for blouses).
    I love love it paired with the stripe knee high socks - Beautiful :)

    1. Thank you! The lace was the perfect touch to the sweet pink. It's so her! We are having the coolest summer this year so far so this top is perfect. It's been in the 80's and 70's thankfully.

  2. The outfit is so cute on her! I love the striped socks too.

    1. thank you Cindy! I want to try a pair of the ruffle shorts version of yours after I finish this marathon of back to school sewing for the boys. (the socks are her very favorite!)


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