Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer Swing Top Sew along; Day 2

Good Afternoon ladies! I finally was able to get the photos on here, thank you so much Melissa! Sew here we go onto day 2. :)
1; Take one placket piece and pin the rick rack onto the right side of the placket. (The center of the rick rack will be where the 3/4" seam allowance is at.) Stitch the rick rack in place down the center of the rick rack.
2; Place both plackets together with the right sides facing, pin in place. Stitch together. I pinned the  the placket with the rick rack sew to it on top, that way when you stitch the two plackets together follow the stitch line that is already there. Clip the curve and then turn and press with an iron.
3; Pin the placket into place in the center front of the top. Trim off the extra part of the placket that goes up beyond the top.  Sew the placket onto the top by sewing close to the edge as you can.
4; Take the front of the top and two back pieces and pin along sides up to the bottom of the arm hole. Stitch, then press seams open. Repeat with the lining pieces.
5; Cut a 1" piece of light weight interfacing by the lenght of the back of the top. (the curved part) This is where the button holes will go later. Fuse it onto the main fabric following the package directions.
6;pin the main fabric onto the lining fabric at the neck line and around the entire bottom. The only part not being pinned is the arm holes and the shoulders. Stitch. Clip the curves and turn through the arm holes and press.

7; Now we are going to stitch the shoulders front to the shoulders back. Working on one side take the front and back shoulder pieces and open them up and pin together as shown below. Be sure to match up the center seam.
Stitch, then turn and press with iron. Repeat with other shoulder pieces. This is what we have now, tomorrow we will finish the arm holes up and add our buttons!

Happy Sewing!


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  2. Sarah, I emailed you yesterday morning and again this morning. I hope you receive this one. If not try


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