Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My boys!

The boys all had their graduations and awards ceremonies this past week, I am very proud of them all! They each received an award which is great seeing they are all young. (wondering why brother got one and they didn't)
They were one of the best dressed kids there. ;) They all really loved the shirts and told everyone that mama made them. :) I will be making more of these shirts this summer for sure!

This is my youngest K4 teacher, she had all my boys and will have Sweet pea in her class in a few years form now. It's neat on how she has been watching our kids grow up. When our oldest was in her class Garrett was a baby and now just look at him!

Sweet pea was trying to sneak into this boys only photo, lol. (If you look closely at the door jam we still need to put up the door casing, maybe tomorrow)

Happy Sewing!

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