Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Summer SwingTop Sew along; Day 1!

Welcome  to day 1 of Summer top sew along! Sorry that it is a day late but our computer broke and it took a while to get back online. I am sorry to say that after a bit of money that the computer is still not working yet but we bought a new one though. :) The kids will get the old one once it is fix.
This top can also be made reversable being lined!
To maket his top you will need between 1/2 yard to a 1 yard of fabric, depending opon the size you are making
rick rack, 
very small buttons
1/2" buttons
1/4" doulbe fold bias tape
 I wasn't able to get a pattern done due to the comptuer being broke but I will show you how to make your own pattern! It isn't hard at all I promise. :)

Step 1, take some tissue paper, I bought mine from the dollar store, and a tee shirt that fits your girl in hand. Trace the top of the shirt to the bottom of the arm holes being sure to add a 3/4" seam allowance to the pattern. (see picture below) I mesured from the center point out. This way when the pattern is cut out the pattern will be placed on the center fold of the fabric for a nice even top.

Now figure out how long you want the top by measureing your daughter's from the bottom of the arm hole to where you want the top to come down to. I wanted Sweet pea's 7" long. Measure down that measurement then add the 3/4" seam allowance to this.
I then measured straight across, mark this with a line. Then made a "swoop" by measuring from the center down an 1 1/2". Then draw a swoop line to the side bottom of your pattern.

 Step 2;First mark a 1 1/2" from the dge of the tissue paper with a straight line going down the side. (this will serve as the extra fabric for the button holes and buttons)  Retrace the front on tissue paper with the center mark of the front agaist the line you just drew but make the neck line go up, like in the picture below.
This is what it should look like now.

To make the pretty curved edge on the back bottom of the top take a small round plate and trace the rounded edge of the plate on the inside of the back top.

This is what we have now.

Step 3;
You will need to cut out one main fabric for the front and one lining fabric, (be sure to place the center of the front pattern on the center fold of the fabric!)
For the back cut 2 main fabric and 2 lining fabric out.

Step 4;Now to cut out the placket pieces, take some coordinating fabric and cut out 2 rectangles out 2"x4". (this will be longer than what you will need for the smaller sizes but it can be cut shorter later)

Take a small glass and trace the rounded edge on the bottom of the fabric pieces. Then cut out.

 We are done for day 1! Tomorrow we will start to sew the top togehter!! Let me know if there is any questions.



  1. looks great! I found your blog through a link party! I am your newest follower and would love it if you would check out my blog and follow me too! Thanks!

  2. this is an adorable top. Saw it at Sew Much Ado's Link Party. really has a nice shape to it!

  3. Cute, Cute, Cute!! I love NICEY JANE fabric and the top and bloomers are so adorable!



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