Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A little Oliver + S sundress

First of all I want to thank you ladies for you advice, you are all great!
I didn't feel like sewing for a couple of days because of this whole matter. I had started a blouse outfit for Sweet pea but didn't feel like sewing so I though a quick and easy project would make me feel better. (it did!)

I found this pattern  on the Oliver + S blog here. It is free tutorial for their popover sundress. It sews very easy and quickly. I made hers and her baby dolls dress this morning. I have been dreaming about his fabric all winter and I found this fabric at a local shop earlier this week. (lucky me!)
 I only had enough money to buy a 1/2 yard but I was able to make a whole dress out of it!
I couldn't get a good picture of here doll because Sweet pea was showing me her baby's new dress. :) Sweet pea loves her new dress and her baby's too. The dolls dress pattern is on their blog too.

What do you ladies do cheer yourselves up?


  1. Oh Sweet Pea...
    A kid always want to show her parent her new favorite thing. The third picture is my favorite

  2. These are so cute. The doll dress is so tiny! Great fabric :)


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