Monday, July 30, 2012

After Midnight There Will Be Sewing

 While the little ones sleep I am sipping on a good cup of coffee and visiting my good friend, my sewing machine.  I love to sew at this time. The house is quite and no interruptions. Yes, it's a good time to sew. A great to create.

In the past couple of days I have made Prince C two pairs of the Sketchbook pants. I seen these cute shorts here and these pants here and came up with these two pairs of pants.
 I love how these look with a polo shirt and sweeter vest, which are both from Gymboree. Before I started to sew for Sweet pea almost all of her clothes came from here. {Thanks to hubby for showing me this store before she was born! Although I not sure how happy he is with that now. ;) }
 Pardon the wet spots on the Ivory pair, I had just washed off the blue marks and couldn't wait to share.
 Both pairs of pants have modifications made to them. To start with, I made two button holes and made a mock drawstring tie. (Which I wished had been a 1/4" lower.)  I did double stitching for all the top stitching on the pants and also reinforced the the middle seam with a top stitch to make them more sturdy. I decided to leave out the pleats and instead make gathers.
 I added a pocket to the back. Like the shorts pair I used the Explorer vest small pocket for a pattern. I just trimmed off 1/2" to make the pocket fit the 6-12 months size pants. I hemmed the pocket like the After school pants(O+S). To help tame the curves while pressing I ran a gathering stitch. It made for a much smoother finish. (The brown pair I did not do this and I am much happier with the way ivory pair finished.)
 I made the pockets with a straight seam instead of curved, with the double row stitching. As I did with the side seam too. I made the cargo pockets, but made them flat with a working button. I am a sucker for buttons!

 Over all I happy with the way these two pairs came out. They will be great for winter, I just hope Prince C will be able to wear them by then!
My next sewing adventures will take me to the Sail Boat pattern from Oliver+ S! Until next time...

Happy Sewing!!



  1. I love these pants! All the little details make them extra special.:)

  2. Darling pants. I have always had a soft spot for corduroy.


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