Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Hiccup Viking Costume for Our Hiccup

This guy here is the tiny viking and the inspiration for Mr W costume this year. W loves the books and the movie already, then the came the show. W loves him so much because they are bit alike. See W is our little Hiccup too. {I am sure too that he would love to have a dragon for pet but it's soo not happening. ;) }
 I uesd the Oliver + S Explorer vest from The Little Things To Sew book for his furry viking vest. I used the large size and added 2" to the length and changed the top of the arms to that Of the Oliver +S bubble dress to give it a bit more flare at the tops. I used the sketchbook pants pattern for the bottoms. I added a leather side lacing and a fur cuff to look like Hiccups boots.I though this would be way easier to keep up with than have a slip over for his shoes. I did used a wizard McCall's pattern for his top though. I did take in the sleeves a ton.  I used the same lacing for the top as I did for teh pants. I even sewn on the lacing on the sleeves ends.
 He found the shield at Hobby Lobbby. I think it works perfectly. Bonus, we didn't have to worry about making one!
 Some things I added for my Hiccup was two inside pockets for his eels to ward of any unwanted dragons. (this is very important I have been told)
 Here is the side of the pants lacing.
 Well I have three very happy kids and two costumes to finish for the oldest and the baby.  I only hope they are as happy with thier costumes as the others have been. I also hope I finish by tomorrow night!
Happy Sewing!!

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