Saturday, October 20, 2012

Periwinkle Fairy Costume Preview

A bit of a preview of what I am working on, costumes for fall fun. Sweet pea wanted to be the new winter fairy from Tinkerbell's movie Periwinkle. While her outfit is very pretty I wanted a bit more "top" to the top.I used Oliver + S patterns for this with some mods to them. Easy peasy!

 I used kona Cotton fabric in a light pretty blue and stitched all the leave veins with shiny silver thread for a frosted look. It's very hard to the here but the pants and the dress both have been made with the "leaves". When I take action shots of this you'll be able to see them better.
 Here is the back of the top, yep feathers the whole way around. I used eye and hooks for the feather strip (found at Hobby Lobby) so that I can take them off for washing. I am sure with my toddler that it will need washing!
To finish the top and the pants off I used snowflake buttons. (you can see better here the silver thread stitching) Sweet pea is very happy with her costume and she flew  ran around the house. Next I am making her an under shirt for the chilly evening's we are having here. One down four to go!
Happy Sewing!!


  1. how much would it be if i could get you to make one of these for my duaghter's birthday (dec 29)?

    1. It would be a $100, there is a lot of hand sewing involed with the feathers. I have an etsy shop set up if you would like to buy one.


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