Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Little Red Fox Playsuit

 I don't know why but with prince C I just love little foxes. He has a few store bought outfits with foxes and one very special stuffed fox we gave him on his birth day. I not sure if it's the fluffy tail or those cute little pointy ears but I love those little foxes. I knew I had to make my little guy a fox play suit for him for winter. I knew I wanted to use the Oliver + S Tea Party pattern for this. (This pattern is great for girls and boys both!) I did make some changes though.
 The original pattern the front and back have a top yoke with two lower pants panels but I changed it to only have two front panels instead so the yoke was with the leg panels. I also made the length into pants from the shorts length. Finally I made a button placket for the leg closer from the snap tape that the pattern calls for. I love the look of the buttons! For the button plackets I used the Oliver + S Sketchbook button placket for the shirt, I just made the length longer and evenly spaced the button holes.
 I used corduroy for the whole play suit, including the applique and fabric covered buttons. I found the applique pattern over here at Skirt as Top blog. She has a great blog too, check it out! 

 Here is a closer look at the leg closers. I edge stitched on both sides of the button plackets. To make for neat edges on the short edge I kept the placket length over a 1/2" and pressed it under before I folded over the button placket to top stitch it. It took care of those the raw edges quit nicely.
To date this is my favorite outfit I have sewn for my little prince. I have a few must needed pants for Sweet pea to make then onto a fox play dress for her too. I hope it turns out as nicely as this one has.
Happy Sewing!!

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