Monday, October 29, 2012

Wizard Costume!

 My oldest is all about video games. When he isn't playing them he is reading about them and taking about them and designing his own games. What kind of costume to make a kid like this, well a wizard of course! Dad found the perfect wizard costume when Hobby Lobby had it's $.99 pattern sale.
 I did follow the pattern to a tee this time. (I had no time to make any changes!) It was quick and not bad to sew. The cape was yards and yards of fabric though. My mom sent us two old black sheets that worked out wonderfully for an old wizard cape. He didn't want anything that looked new if he was going to be an old wizard. ;) It was however a pain to sew all this fabric!!
 I made his staff using an old curtain rod, a plastic Christmas ornament, leather string and hot glue. The plastic "ball" comes off to add a glow stick to make his staff glow in the dark. It's very hard to see here but it is glowing. This is his favorite part of his costume!
 I love the cape of his. It fits me pretty good but needs some lenght, in a pale blue this would be a perfect fairy godmother costume for a Cinderella theme next year. ;)
 The under clothes. I did make the pants with the Oliver + S Sketchbook pattern that way he can use them after Halloween. You can never go wrong with Oliver + S!
 If you look very close at the bottom picture you an see my little wizard face. Can you see it?
One more costume to go! I already started it and will not stop tonight until it is done. It will be a very long night.
I am thinking and praying for all in the path of Sandy. Stay safe!
Happy Sewing!

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