Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Periwinkle Pint Size Plus a mini tutorial

 I am not crazy for (or even really like)  Halloween but this year Sweet pea requested her very first costume. This has made a big different this year for me. Well all the big kiddos requested mama made costumes this year. (yippy!!) After watching hours, yes hours, of Secret of the wings previews she decided she wanted to be "the winter fairy for Christmas". I am sure she meant Halloween. I hope.
 I didn't make her just like Periwinkles but as close as I could. I did want shoulder straps so this would be a very appropriate toddler clothes, nothing falling off. The craft store had feathers just like the ones on her dress but they were $4 each I would need seven. So after a quick run through the store I found in the hair accessorise department I found a strip of white feathers sewn together for $3, perfect! (it is a costume after all)
 I went to my must trusted Oliver + S patterns to make the top and bottoms for outfit. I just love these patterns! I used the Tea Party dress for her top, size 2T and the Sail boat pants for her bottoms.
 For the top I made the yoke just as is in the pattern but I used a shiny silver thread for the top stitching on the yoke. For the bottom "leaves" I traced the pattern pieces first.
 I then marked on the center panel 1/2" up on the fold side then marked 5" up on the other side. I then drew a strait line between these two marks. I then made a more "leaf" line (the purple line) for a cutting mark.
On the side panel I marked 5" up on the inside and then 1/2" on the outside. I made a straight line between the two then made a more leaf line, in purple, for cutting.  
 I cut out four center pattern pieces and 8 outer pattern pieces. I made the skirt fully lined. It made it easier to make the leaves out of the skirt panels.
 I then sewn together all the outter panels together the main and the lining ones as well. I them pressed them all open. Next I top stitched the silver viens of the leaves on all the outer leaves pattern pieces.
 I then sewn all the "leaves" together with the main and lining ones. To attach the skirt I sewn them as in Nicole's tutorail fora lined Tea party dres found here. This way I was able to keep the leave edges as was. i sewn them with a 1/2" hem and was sure to trim the leave points and where the leaves meet very well. I did top stitch the hem after I turned and presses the leave edges too.
To finish the dress, I cut the feather strip in half then even placed it on either side of the dress. I was very lucky beacuse it was just the right length of feathers I needed for the top.
 For the pants I top stitched the silver leaf viens as well before finish sewing the pants together, then fished the hem with a leaf stitch design. I used elastic on the inside of the pants sean to give the pants bottom a more leaf shape. All the buttons are snowflakes, perfect match. :)
 I had the most fun sewing this and I am having even more fun watching her"flying"around the house playing fairies.
 Right now she is watching the Secrect of the Fairies and dressed to matched. I think I did well by her. What more could a mommy ask?
 I love my little snow fairy!
Happy Sewing!!


  1. Such a lovely costume, Sharon - love the pics of Sweetpea!

    1. Thank you, I am happy that it came out nice and she just loves it. She had so much fun playing with the snow for her pictures too.

  2. Sharon,I have had said it before...you are the most delightful mummy!

  3. Thanks Nicole! I hope my kids think so. ;)

  4. awww! I just linked up to Project Run and Play and saw your link... love it!


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