Monday, June 23, 2014

Come Sail Away With Me

My little girl is growing up very fast, too fast for me. The very first dress I ever sewn Sweet pea was a sailor dress. It is full of mistakes but oh how I still love that dress of hers! I have said for years that I would give another go at a sailor dress for her, one that didn't look, well, like it was sewn in the dark by two left hands. ; )
(warning! There is lots and lots of photos!)

This "Sail away" dress has whipped stitched piping in the princess seams (you know my princess love these seams!!) and has a dropped waist line with an invisible zipper in the back. The dress is not too fitted so it nice a cool for our hot weather here we are now having.  It has the sailor collar with a separate tie that goes under the collar. The sleeves are finished with a navy blue bias to match the collar and piping. Girly but not too frilly. I used some Out To Sea boarder fabric, perfect for a sailor dress and the white is Kona cotton.

I did make a fully lined bodice similar to that of the Fairy tale dress and it has full skirt on the lining as well, 84 inches so it nice full for twirling.

This will be her Forth of July dress this year, I am making Caspian his own little sailor outfit too! I can't wait to see him in his! My attempts this year is to make all five kids outfit for the four, yea I do know it's getting very close but I think I can pull it off, think.....

What pattern is this you ask? It's mine! Yep, I made a pattern and it came out alright! I am pretty happy with this dress and so is Sweet pea. A win, win for the two of us. I not sure if you would call this a size 4 of 5 but it does fit her very well. The collar was the most fun to get the fit right. I think I can still do some tweaking to it. 

After I do finish up on the Forth of July sewing my summer sewing will be done other than a pair of shorts for Sarah. I do have plans to make myself a top and dress for the new Deer and Doe dress.  I have been living in my yellow all week, it so comfy and cool. I did also get two more quilt tops sewn together and I almost have Caspian's birthday sewing done as well, which is a good thing seeing party is this Saturday! (I am cutting it close again!)

Well as far as her dress goes I am thinking of one day making this into a real pattern, maybe I will sell a few. ; ) I'll have to wait and see.

So what are your summer plans?



  1. Sharon - it's beautiful! !! I'm so impressed with your pattern. And the perfect fabric.

    1. thank you Janice! I have held onto this fabric for a while, I am very happy with it on this dress!

  2. Your pattern worked out well. Sarah looks so sweet in her sailor dress. I agree with Janice - perfect fabric!

    1. thank you Deb! It had some pattern pieces where I made a few and had to redraft them a few times. The sleeves where the funniest though. The first ones I made where too small and Sarah told me that I made her a baby sleeve not a big girl sleeve and to do it over again, hehehe. I was planning on it already but it was too funny to hear her tell me this.

  3. Your details are just impeccable, as always! I want a close up of this "whipped stitched piping," please?

    If you sold patterns, I would buy them, lady. That's all I have to say. You have a very lovely and quite different aesthetic - your patterns would stand out from the crowd with their heirloom details. So yep, you've got my $10. :-)

    1. I'll take a close up picture later today and post it on Flicker for you Inder, it's the coolest stuff! Sarah and I both just love it.

      Thank you too, I am debating on trying to make patterns to sell. I have several more ideas that I want to try out first, to see if I can make them or not. Maybe one day I will be able to. : )


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