Thursday, June 5, 2014

Rainy Day Sewing, getting beach ready!

Yesterday it rained and rained here so I figured if we are stuck in the house I might as well go ahead and start on some swim wear for the kids. Yes, I did already sew Sweet pea swim suit but I wanted to give it another go to see it I couldn't make one a little better.

First up is Prince C! I wanted something with a rash guard and bit more stylish than the run of the mill board short shorts so this is what I came up. I used two Oliver + S pattern for his swim wear. The top is a Field trip tee that I painted a star fish on from the Sandbox pattern. I have always wanted to put that little guy on a shirt! I do wish now that I made it in a smaller shirt size though. This top is a 12-18 months size, its prefect for tee's for him but big for a rash guard.  I know in the Sketchbook he wears the 18-24 months size so I thought this would fit the way I wanted it to, I really should have made a trial one first I guess but it will do. At least I have this pattern ready to make him some more summer tee's. I do love the way this pattern fits for regular tee's!

The shorts are a mod from the Sunny Days free pattern. I made the short panels into one piece instead of two and added button holes onto the waist band for a draw string tie. I also sized down to make these as well, 12-18 month size for him. Both the top and the bottoms are made out of denim swim fabric. This stuff is so neat! I talked Garrett into a pair of these swim bottoms as well but Wyatt said no way. (I didn't even bother asking Mr. Cool a.k.a. Jacob) Oh well, Garrett will be styling too.

Here is take two of Sweet pea's. I used the same pattern as the first for Peek-a-boo pattern shop. This pair turned out much better than the first so I think it's safe to say that I am getting the hang of these swim suits! Both were very quick and easy to sew too. Her's is made in the same denim swim fabric and is paired with polka dot fabric.

No wonky back on this one! Yippy!

At first she wasn't so crazy about it but it grew on her when she seen baby brother wearing his. I guess she didn't want to get left out.

I really feel like I am getting my list done for once and it's moving along at a very nice pace. I juts might get all my summer sewing done this year for once!



  1. Omigosh, they are so cute! I just want to pinch their cute chubs! Prince C is really growing up and looking more like a little boy than a baby now. It's crazy how that happens. Great sewing, mama! I'm wondering if you could just take that t-shirt down at the arms and sides to get that closer fit you're looking for ...

    1. I was thinking the same thing about taking it in...

  2. Perfect use for that starfish applique. Both suits and kids are adorable! And i agree - you could easily take the shirt in to get the fit you want. It's great as is though.

  3. One day when I am brave enough, I will try making a swimsuit too. These are fantastic!

  4. too much cuteness! how can you stand it? I love all the sewing you have been doing.

  5. Oh, you do rock that pattern! Congratulations :)
    Love the suits on them, such precious babies (I hope I could sew one for my girl as well - I know she would love it)!


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