Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Little Ella the Waldorf doll

This year we decided to have some homemade gifts for the two little ones at our house. This is the first one done! Meet little Ella, my very first home made Waldorf doll. (I do plan on making many more!)  She is a gift for my Sweet pea for Christmas.  She has a body fully stuffed with wool (she smells so good!) and her arms and legs are fully jointed. Her hair is made out of Alpaca yard, so soft and smells dreamy. This doll is made for cuddling!

I gave her a full head of yarn hair so Sweet pea can fix it any way she wants. this part of the doll took the longest to make but it wasn't hard though.

Little Ella is ready and waiting for Christmas morning to meet her new mommy. I am sure am excited for Sweet pea to open her gifts.

Besides the dolly I made Ella a wee little lace trimmed pillow and quilt for snuggling. The quilt is a mini version of Sweet pea's scrambled 9 patch. (which is for her birthday) All the blocks were cut at 2 1/2" squares to make it. The back is a lovely soft minky and so is the her pillow. 

Here is a closer look at them.

Ella's first outfit!
I crocheted her a cardigan with Mary Jane style shoes.
This is the mini version of the Oliver + S Bubble dress with matching cloth nappy.

Ella's second outfit is a faux front button up blouse trimmed in lace and a soft cozy pair of minky overalls. I wanted to make more outfits but to keep the presents even on Christmas morning I stopped myself and will make more for Sweet pea's birthday next month. It sure is way easier to buy for my little girl than the older boys'.

Miss Ella modeling her Bubbles dress, be kind her hair here is not done.

Well she is already for Christmas morning now!
If you are interested I bought the Waldorf dolly as kit from LaliDolls here
The kit came with everything to make the doll and the pattern for the doll and cloth nappy. Don't fret if you have not made dolls before! Her patterns has the best instructions and lots of colored photos to take you through the steps. This is coming from an Oliver + S addict. ; )
Next up Prince C's Puppet Theater!


  1. Let's see....you sew beautiful clothing for your children, make quilts, crochet, smock, make fabulous dolls with clothes, puppet theatre in the works... you are an amazing talent!

    1. I am blushing Deb, thanks! Crocheting was the very first craft my mom taught me. I really have not done much of it since Sarah was born but I sure do still enjoy it very much. The quilting was a love as a teenager but I have not done that since Garrett was born....come to think of it lots have not been done since the third baby boy came along. ; )

  2. Sharon, Ella is just so very perfect. You have done a fabulous job with her and her lovely clothes. I agree with Deb - you are an amazing talent!

    1. Thank you Justine! I dis really enjoy making every bit of her. I so many ideas for Sarah's birthday gifts as well to go with her dolly.

  3. Oh my goodness!!! She is WONDERFUL. I love her - and her little clothes are fantastic. You hit this one right out of the park, Sharon. I'm blown away. Making a Waldorf doll is still on my "bucket list." Maybe next year?!

    1. I am blushing again! You really should make one, they are blast and I sure your little girl would love one too.


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