Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fall is Here!

 Well on this dress that is! I made Sweet pea this Puppet show dress out of Sherbet Pips fabric. I seen this dress here on flicker and fell in love with it and wanted one for Sweet pea too.
 I love the swinging girls on the fabric and the way the fabric has print but still is not a "heavy" print. The fabric seemed to be made for this pattern.
  I added little blue heart buttons to the sleeve cuffs. I was given this little cutties. I also took the name on the salvage and made it into a tag for the inside to palce above the size tag. I got this idea from Naturally Carol.
As this weekend comes to close I want to wish you ladies the best week. I will be gone of here for a bit seeing I am haveing my galbladder sugry in the morning. I would love if you gals could pray for me. (I am really nervus!!) I will be working on a speical something though but you'll have to wait to see what it is. :)

Happy Sewing



  1. Love how your dress came together. I really like this pattern. I've made two tunics for my girls last year, and a dress for my youngest this past summer. It looks great in the fabric you chose.

  2. the pattern is so sweet! and the peter pan collar... too adorable!

  3. LOVE the use of the selvedge fabric name - I too first saw this on one of Carols fabulous cushion covers! The dress and fabric is just gorgeous!
    The SpaNGler @ The Quick Unpick


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