Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Fancy Hopscotch For Little Miss

 Good Morning!! I decided yesterday for a quick pick-me-upper since I have been on a boy kick this past two weeks. (that and Sweet pea has been trying to run off with everything I had made the boys, I think it's her way of saying where's mine!, lol) I do enjoy making things for my boys but I do LOVE making dresses for my little Sweet pea. I will warn ya there is a few pictures of Sweet pea here!
 This dress started off as a shirt I found shopping a few weeks ago at JcPennies. I seen the shirt and thought it would make a great hopscotch dress for Sweet pea.  It was only $3 too so how could I not buy it!
 I did change the sleeves on the top of the dress. I wanted a short sleeve for the two more months of hot/warm weather we have coming and I also wanted to make it where I could layer a long oneis under it too for this winter.
 I made a matching shimmery clip to place onto the top of her dress too. And the best part when Sweet pea seen the dress for the first time she grabbed it from my hand and was hugging her new dress! She only gave it back when she knew I was putting the dress on her. Has your daughter ever had an outfit/dress like this too?
Happy Sewing!!!



  1. I'm glad she like this is very sweet, especially with the shimmery flower on it!

  2. Would have never guessed this adorable dress was an old tshirt! Such a cute refashion on a cute little miss!

    Id love for you to link this up to my new diy fashion linky party called DIY Diva Thursdays! The party is open until Monday...Hope to see you!



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