Sunday, September 18, 2011

Traveler Dress Sew along Day 1!

traveler dresses sewing pattern

Today is the day we will start our dresses for us ladies! First off I will say I am still under the weather after surgery so I only made the dress version C for now. Everyone can make which dress they chose though, what ever you like best! (It is strange to me that I didn't sew one thing this past week or even want to for that. I am  soo ready to be over this sick feeling all time! )

Now onto the fun part!! Today we will be tracing our pattern pieces for our dresses. Each dress calls for different pieces, they are listed on the front sheet of the pattern directions. I like to write down a list before I lay my pattern down so as to not forget to trace one off.  I use cheep old tissue paper from the dollar store for my tracing paper. When I need a bigger piece I simply tape two pieces of the paper together, easy peasy!

Now really important to remember as you trace your pattern pieces out is to be accurate so I lay some paper weights down around the pattern piece I am tracing out and (2) be sure to copy all the pattern markings onto the tracing paper. (see below)
Next we are going to cute out all the pattern pieces, be sure to copy any pattern markings onto the cut out pattern pieces with a fabric marker. That's it for today. Tomorrow the sewing begins!


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  1. whee! I just put my fabric into the washing machine to prewash and popped over to see whats up. I'm so excited to be sewing my first ever piece of clothing!!!!


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