Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Fall Fun Already?!?

 With Sweet pea having more than enough clothes to last her a life time in her size I decided to go ahead and start fall clothes for her. This is the Apple Picking Dress from Oliver + S pattern company made in a size 3T. It's a quick easy pattern to make when I don't have a whole lot of time on my hands.  I was able to work on both of them while little Prince C took his afternoon nap and the older kids played games together.
 I did have just enough fabric to make this dress too, nothing left over! I bought the little bit that was left marked down and have been saving for just the right pattern. I used a very light weight cotton fabric to make the bias tie. The light weight fabric makes the tie flow better, love it! The buttons I had at the house from an old blouse I had been saving. Best of all it's Sweet pea favorite new color pink!
 Grandma and grandpa bought this fabric by her demands request. (Every time Sweet pea talked to grandma on the phone she would ask where her Strawberry Short cake fabric was,lol.) and boy does she love this dress too! As soon as we got the fabric in the mail Sweet pea demanded that I "cut out my dress right now!" What a little monster I created. ;)
Next up some deep house cleaning, painting and some new floor to put in! Yippy!!

Happy Sewing!!



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