Monday, July 9, 2012

Some Unfinished Projects

 I have some unfinished projects just sitting around my sewing room, including a Jelly roll pillow for Mr. W (our little blond headed boy), so sense my sewing time in very slim these days I decided to use what little time I have to finish all those already cut out and started items. #1 was this pillow! And what fun to show you the pillow to add a cute baby to the center of it. ;)
 Yes, yes, it's not a pillow yet. I finished to piecing together last night, cut the bias trim and backing. I then stitched them all together. I was getting so excited to see this huge pillow take form! But when I went to get my stuffing bags.....I realized I shorted myself, like three bags! Oh dear.
 It does look incredible though as a play blanket so maybe I need more fabric to make little Pumkin one. More like Pumpkin seed, hehehe. ;)
He does seem to like it too. Maybe October Afternoon fabric for his?

Happy sewing!


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