Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Big Boy's Easter and the Whole Family!

Mr. W
OK this is a bit late but these kids are so hard to photo graph together so better late than never! :)

Mr. G
All the three older boys are wearing Oliver + S Sketchbook shirts. I do love this pattern and have made over 20 of these total to date. It's a lovely classic shirt for boys and such a great sewing pattern. I didn't however get to the pants, they will live. ; )

Mr. J
For J's shirt I added 3" to the length for I find the pattern shirt to be a tad short on him. I love the look of dress shirts on him!

Here the whole family!
I can tell you it was beyond hard to get a good picture of all these kids. I think it would be easier to wrestle an alligator. This picture I like though. : )

I tried to get another group picture of them in circle. This was the nest, not bad but I wonder what G looks like. ; )

Princess Sweet pea wanted a few more pictures of her. This time she put on her gloves, pink purse and birthday necklace. Her necklace is a snowflake with diamonds in it for her January birthday.

I had to take another picture of the back of this dress for me. I love that bow! I will have to make a few more of the Fairy tale dresses up for her.
Now here a few photos that I will not be sending the family but find funny so I had to share.

If you come over on any day of week this is what the kids look like. Yep, baby C is always smiling! The other three are only happy when bugging each other.

J didn't want to touch the grass so he got Prince C scared. J face is priceless!

G was trying to find every stick in the yard.

and was playing with Prince C.
Happy Late Easter from Us to You!

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  1. Beautiful family, Sharon!
    Pretty boys and adorable girl :-)
    I still can't believe you managed to sew so many gorgeous outfits! Congratulations!


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