Saturday, April 13, 2013

A Few Roller Skate Dresses

This is one of those patterns that at first I didn't think I would use it, that's until I seen Brittany's Roller Skate dresses and tunics. She has sure changed my mind and boy am I glad she did! This pattern sews up beautifully and quickly, perfect for a busy mom.
This one Sweet pea picked out the fabric at the quilt store a couple of months ago and we had it sitting on the shelf just waiting to be used. When the pattern came in the mail she was looking at the instructions with me when she went to her fabric stash and brought back the strawberry fabric as she calls it and the pink fabric and asked me to make her this dress. How could I say no to this. ; )

She even picked out the button for the back of her dress. This one is grandma Day up north. The last one too. The button came out of her special button box. She wore this dress all day and then to bed that night. I just pulled it off of her to put on the chevron dress. I think it means she really likes it. : )

I made this one out of a chevron remnant that I found at Hobby Lobby. I was going to make the tunic top but I had just enough to make the dress so I went for it.
Sweet pea wasn't liking this one at first at all until it was done. She told me it was for her daddy.  hehehe I sure he would look great in this dress. ; )

I seen one of these dresses on the flicker group with the two rows of elastic and loved the look so I did that with this dress. I think it will be perfect for the beach this year!

We finished it with one of Sweet pea's buttons from great-grandma that looked like a sea shell. That's when she decided she liked this dress. What ever works I guess. ; )
She has even asked for another one already. Maybe after I get some sewing done for myself. Yep that's right, I am sewing for myself!


  1. Lovely! Any tips on how you got the Chevron to match at the shoulders and side seams?

    1. Thank you! I hate to say it but I didn't even think about matching and this was by a lucky accident. I should have thought about it though...


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