Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Baby's First Easter

 Happy 9 months and first Easter Price C!

My little sweet boy had to have a very special outfit for this Easter. (I do wish I could sew like this when my three other boys were babies!) I used a pattern from Creations by Michie' Knickers Yoke-overlay. It can either be gathered or smocked but I had, had to make the smocked one for him. I was going to make his bubble out of blue fabric but after my Aunt suggested white fabric I thought that it would look way better too. I am so glad I used the white fabric!

(our little duck hand, quack, quack!)
This pattern was very well written but I did make a few changed to the pattern like lining the pants so I finished the seams different than what the pattern called for. That and I finished the knickers cuffs a bit different too.
 The smocking was not hard at all either. I am a beginner at smocking so I am very happy how this turned out.  This was the first time I made my own piping. I used left over blue fabric from his last bubble outfit I made him. I do love this blue on him!
Well I have not taken the other kiddos pictures yet I hope to latter on this week. I am still working on Sweet pea's dress. I should of had it done by Easter but this dumb dumb bought the wrong sized zipper so it had to wait. I can tell you that it is looking wonderful. I can't wait to share pictures of it!
I couldn't wait though to take little guy's picture though and had to share these. I think he looks so cute. : )  
Now this is what the other pictures looked like. Little guy trying his best to sneak off and play. He loves getting into everything now. How much fun will he be when he starts walking!
More Easter sewing to come....
I hope your Easter was a wonderful like ours!


  1. C is so handsome! You did a fabulous job on the're way better at it than I am.:)

  2. Love this romper on little C!
    Everything you do is so beautiful! Congratulations!


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