Monday, October 27, 2014

Sweet pea Christmas Dress

There is really nothing better than getting one's sewing list done! Since this spring's past surgery I had I am finally getting everything done I want to do. (I never would have though I would be saying this ever again!) This is Sweet pea's Christmas dress for this year, it is another Ellie Inspired wonderful dress pattern, the Miss Merry Mack. It is also another great pattern I was able to test for her Holiday patterns. I really love the traditional feel of this dress and the pattern is very lovely too.

The fabric was gifted to me from a wonderful lady. Do you see the shoulder seam?! Most people would never notice but I am very thrilled with this. I feel like the awesome Justine! It's the small things in life. ;-) I even made baby piping to go an her dress to help tie in all the children's outfits.

For the back I used MOP heart buttons by Sweet pea's request. I think they look very lovely on this dress.

The pattern was very easy to sew and follow and went together very nicely. The pattern also has the option for a pin tucked bodice which I cannot wait to try out. I did leave off the bottom hem band on this dress so it is a bit shorter than the pattern calls for. The other wonderful part of this pattern is that it comes in sizes 1-16. This is one big plus in all the Ellie Inspired patterns! I do love too that there is not a lot of pages to print out on this PDF pattern. I really want to sew another dress up very soon!

I do love the sleeves on this dress too!

Just in case you were wondering, this dress is a huge hit with her. As soon as she tried it on she began to dance and wouldn't sit still for pictures. (I had the hardest time trying to take any pictures of her in this dress!) She has declared this dress to be her party dress for the Holidays. happy Sweet pea and happy mommy!

You can find the Miss Merry Mack dress pattern here and here for sale. (If you go to Craftsy you will see Sweet pea there!)

Happy Sewing!!



  1. It is a delightful dress Sharon
    I am so glad you are feeling better

  2. The dress is gorgeous! Excellent job on the plaid matching!

  3. I noticed the plaid matching, before I even read your comment. Great job! Also love that piping!


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