Friday, October 24, 2014

A Very Merry Christmas! Done Early too!

I have not been "around" this past month very much but I have been hard at work! I am very happy to say that all my Christmas sewing is completely done for this year, and October is not even over yet!! So second up to share (there is a ton to share so I will break in down into several posts) is the three older boys. 

If you know you me you know I love, love to sew for my boys more than my girl. Sewing for girls is easier than boys due to finding great boy patterns is very hard to come by. That is one of the great reasons I feel in love with Ellie Inspired patterns! She has the most wonderful boy pattern out there and they are in a great size range to boot.  I was so happy and excited when I found out I was going to be able to test her new line of Holiday clothes for all my boys! (Plus I was able to get all my Christmas sewing done early for once! haha!!)So here are all the patterns that I used for these well dressed dapper lads of mine; the Charlie's Camp shirt, Dapper Lad vest and the Celebration Chinos pants. 

Garrett and Wyatt's outfits are both a size 8, I never thought I would see the day that they both would wear such a big size. Both boys' vest are lined with satin and have real welt pockets in them. The welt pockets are a huge hit with both boys! I can very proudly say it only takes me about 15 minutes now to make four real welt pockets since sewing with Ellie Inspired patterns! I had never sewn one up till this point in time. The dress shirts have a "proper" collar with the collar stand, I know I have said it before but oh how I love this shirt pattern!! Both boys do as well.

Jacob's shirt is the red chambray shirt that I had sewn him a few months back. The perfect color for the holidays I think. I used the same vintage fabric for his pants and vest as Prince C's Christmas outfit. The pants have the welt pockets as well on the back side as does the vest too. All are a size 14 on my growing young man.

The pants also have the option for a real zipper fly in these as well for every size and have real welt pockets in the back. I really want to make each boy of mine a few more pairs for school and church this winter. All the patterns (shirt, vest, pants and coat) are in a size 1-16 so I know I will get a ton of use out them all for years to come.

I also made Jacob a Pea coat as well, Garrett really loves it and snagged it from Jacob though, lol. I really need to sew a few more of these up for my other boys.  The size range is from 1-16 as well.

I really want to say a very special thank you for Laura Johnson for letting me test all these awesome patterns! I know they will be a staple in my sewing for my boys through the years. I already have sewn five vests and three pants and 4 dress shirts from her patterns within one month and I have several requests for all the boys for more outfits like these. I will warn you though that they are habit forming!  

You can find each of these patterns here on sale this week on Ellie Inspired Etsy shop. Just click the link below to find!

Next up Sweet pea's Christmas dresses! Yes, dresses!



  1. Such handsome boys, Sharon - they look very spiffy in their new outfits

    1. thank you! I really enjoyed sewing each piece for all boys.

  2. Your boys are getting so grown up!

  3. Look at those handsome fellows! I'm so impressed that you are all done with your Christmas sewing. Way to go, Sharon!


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