Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Super Exciting News and Ellie Inspired Holiday Collection 2014!!

If you have look very closely at this photo you have most certainly figured out the super exciting part!  (If not I will tell you) This is the cover for Ellie Inspired Holiday catalogue and yes that is Sweet pea and Prince C on it!!! EEPPP!! I cannot tell you ladies how excited and "can't believe it still" I am! It was such a honor to able to pattern test for Laura Johnson again. She has such wonderful patterns.

This collection is so big that I am going to show you a different part of it everyday this week. I am starting with my little dapper baby. This is more than one pattern I am showing you can purchase the entire collection is one package here. It has even more patterns than what I am showing and is a awesome value too! You will be more than happy with every piece!

First up is the onesie dress shirt for both girls and boys. It has those lovely snaps in the crotch area so the shirt stays all tucked in. If you know me I have waited a long time to find  a shirt pattern just like this! Other than the wonderful onesie style of this shirt it also has a proper two piece collar with collar stand. The size range is newborn (yes newborn!!) to 36 months. Like I said too there is a girl version of the shirt as well. You know I will be making him at least five more this winter.

The pants pattern is the Jack Frost Knickers. These adorable vintage style of pants have a gather ankle with a cuff at the bottoms, pockets on the front and welt pockets on the back. It has a elastic waist so easy of dressing.  The sew together in no time too. The range is newborn to 36 months as well.

See the adorable small welt pockets?! I love this part of the pattern. It was also my very first time sewing welt pockets too. It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be.

The Dapper Lad vest pattern is not a new one of Ellie Inspired but it is a new size range today, newborn to size 16 all in one pattern. It's a life time of a pattern for a little boy that grows with him. The vest also has welt pockets as well.

Prince C vest and welt pockets are all lined with the red Chambray fabric my husband bought me this past June. It have used ever last it of scraps up on very special things. The fabric for his vest and pants are vintage hound tooth with vintage buttons to finish the pants and vest. The have been waiting for just the right pattern to come along.

On the back of the vest I added a buttonhole to one side of the ties and two buttons to the other so it adjusts sizes.

To make it even better if you buy the entire infant collection you get a huge savings plus the hat pattern, a bow tie pattern and bonnet pattern free. Click on the link below to find the collection for sale and come back tomorrow for another pattern combination in this pattern pack!

Happy Sewing!!



  1. Oh wow, Sharon!! Awesome!! Could Prince C be any cuter in those knickers and vest? And BOW TIE? Your style is so distinctive and, in this day and age, downright unusual. I love that! And your sewing skills blow me away. Well done!

    1. Thank you Inder! I really love this look on my little guy, I had him "Bond, ames Bond", lol.

  2. Sharon, you are an amazingly talented sewist! So lovely to be recognised as such!
    And Prince C is completely and totally adorable :-)

    1. Thank you so much Justine! I had so much sewing the new collection with such a talented group of ladies. Prince C just seems to have such a nice "fashion since" and I hope he always keeps it.

  3. Such a gorgeous photo of your prince and princess in their new clothes! I can see why it was chosen to be the cover of the holiday catalogue.:)


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