Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Miss M Elsa dress

While I have been very busy sewing this month you ladies have not seen much of what I have been working on. I had sewn another Elsa dress but this time for Miss M! She is my cousin's daughter who also happens to be the same age as my daughter. Sweet pea really loved to be able to meet her and have a new friend that is her own age and  girl too. Even better they both have so much in common. They both love Elsa (but really how doesn't?) and wanted to be her for Halloween this year. So after I had finished Sweet pea's dress I went right into making Miss M her Elsa dress.

I used the very same patterns and mods as the first but this one went together much quicker this round. (the Oliver + S Fairy tale dress and Ellie Inspired sleepy bear pj's sleeve) I even added a extra hooks on the cape so it can be made shorter walking, all my cousin's idea and it is genus! Now both girls can walk with ease trick-or-treat and still have a full cape for playing in.   

I do that these two little girls are very happy with the dresses and will have a great Halloween this year! I am almost all done with the three older boys costumes as well. The sewing part is done and now I am working on the all the fun little things that make a costume.

Happy Sewing!!



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