Monday, October 27, 2014

The Lone Ranger

This year Garrett wanted to be the Lone Ranger. It sounded like a straight forward costume to me! Easy peasy but a bit of sewing work. So I had this wonderfully clever thought, it could be both his Christmas outfit and his Halloween outfit! I think it worked out pretty good too. All I had to do was change the tie for a badge. You can see his Christmas outfit here.

I used Ellie Inspired Charlie's Camp shirt with a white cotton for the dress shirt-my all time favorite pattern now!! I cannot tell you how much I adore the collar on this pattern. {I sure I have mentioned it a few dozen times now. ;-)} The pants are the Celebration Chinos in a brown twill and the vest is the Dapper Lad in a black twill lined with black satin complete with real welt pockets. I cannot believe I really sewn welt pockets still!  

I even sewn a mask to go with his outfit. Garrett really does play the part of the Lone Ranger too.

It is very nice to be done with both his Christmas outfit and his costume way before hand for once instead of waiting till last minute on both. I think I will do the same next year as well. 

Happy Sewing!!



  1. I love this costume. This and the leprechaun are such original ideas. How wonderful that it will get more wear!!!!

    1. thank you! I love what these two come up for costume ideas, they are both so very clever. Next year I have one Santa Clause costume request already. I really love that idea and may try and talk miss Sarah into Mrs. Clause.


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