Monday, November 22, 2010

1st Birthday Dress

Last night I started and finished Sweet pea's birthday dress. Her first birthday isn't until January but I am so excited that I couldn't wait to make her dress, or the decorations! (We had three boys before Sweet pea so this is the first pink birthday party we get to have.)

I got the fabric for the dress on my birthday this past month from hobby lobby. It looked just perfect for a 1st birthday dress for Sweet pea.

The pattern I got from a tutorial for Cottage Mama that was on U Create . The pattern was very easy to follow and very clear. I wish all patterns were that way!

A very princess dress for my little princess. Next I am going to make a birthday bib and a birthday hat to match. I have so many ideas for the banner that I am not sure which one to make yet but I still have some time. ;)

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  1. Hello! Happy Birthday Sweet Pea! The dress looks gorgeous on her.
    I too, have made my little one a dress using Lindsay's tutorial, you can see the pictures here:-


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