Friday, November 19, 2010

refashion sweater dress

I have seen lots of very cute sweater dresses for sale this winter, all about $30-$40, too much for my budget. So I went to my closet and found this sweater I never wear, maybe two to three times in 10 years. The strips remind me of Charlie and Lola from playhouse Disney. Just love it!
To start out I went to Sweet pea's closet and grab a dress of her to size the sweater into a dress. I made this dress one size bigger for her seeing she is growing very quickly and winter hasn't even really started yet.

Step 1: lay the dress on top of the sweater.

step 2: cut away the excess sleeves, sides and bottom of the sweeter off. Remember to include your seam allowance. Also leave 1" on the sleeves and the bottom to turn under to hem.

step 3: pin together the sides and bottom of the sleeves and stitch together, match right sides together. (the sweater is inside out) Then hem the sleeves and the bottom of the new dress. When I did this it gave a flare to the sleeves and the bottom of the dress, I just love it because I it makes it look a bit more girlier.

Step 4: On Sweet pea's the collar was a bit too big so I took it in at the front seams a 1/2" on the two seams. Be sure to follow the original seam lines starting out right next to the seam at the bottom of the sleeve and then gradually coming out and 1/2" at the top.

Step 5: Then take the left over strip from the bottom of the sweater to make a bow for the top of your new dress. I measured how big I wanted my bow and then cut the strip to size. Then stitch up the two ends together making a circle cuff with the seam in the back, this will be the main part of the bow. Take more of the same strip, about 5", and bring together the sides long way, stitch up the long way of the strip,turn to form a long tub. This will make the thin strip that goes around the bow.

Step 6: With a needle and thread in hand, make a running stitch up the middle of the main part of the bow, pulling the string tight and sew in place.
Next take the skinny tub, wrap it around the middle of the main part of the bow with the seam in the back. Stitch in place. the back should look something like this. Then attach to the dress in the top left collar.

With the sleeves that I had cut off I made Sweet pea a matching hat with a bow on the side.

Now with all that money I saved I can go shopping for more fabric! :)

Isn't she just a cutie?!

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