Friday, December 10, 2010

Rosetta hair bow tutorial

I made Sweet pea's hair bow for her birthday to match her dress. It is the first hair bow I have made, I have been wanting to try this for some time now.
You will need:
7/8" ribbon
1/2" fabric covered botton
ribbon covered hair clip
felt and thread

 First cut the ribbon, I cut a longer length and after I gathered it I decided how much I wanted on the bow and cut off the extra. Seal the edges of the ribbon, I used a candle lighter. Next along one side of the ribbon sew a gathering stitch all the way down. Gather it util you get the look you want.  I then sewed all the layers together.

I then took the back loop off a button and covered it with the fabric. Hot glue it onto the front of the rosetta.
 Now cut out a circle of the felt, make sure it is smaller than rosetta itself but big enough to cover the middle of back.
 Hot glue the felt onto the back.
Last hot glue the rosetta onto the hair clip. And your done!
Have a wonderful Friday!

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