Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tutu Tutorial

 Next on list of Christmas gifts to make is tutus for my husband's niece and for our little Sweet pea. I had made Sweet pea one for her Halloween costume this year and thought both girls would love to have one.

You'll need 3/4" elastic
thread to attach elastic together
tulle, I bought mine at Hobby Lobby in the spool

I used 1/2 spool of pink, purple and green for the one I made (for a 27" waist) , and 1/2 spool of pink  and purple for the smaller one ( a 17" waist).

First measure the waist of the girl the tutu is for, cut the elastic 2" smaller than her waist. (the elastic will stretch as it is being made) Sew the ends of the elastic together.

Next cut all the tulle into 21" strips. Both of the tutus I made are for very short people so add some inches if it is for a taller child. If your not using the tulle on the spool cut the tulle into 5 1/2"x 21" strips.

 I stretched the elastic band on the back of a chair while I tied on the strips of tulle. Take one strip and fold in half making a loop. Hold the loop behind the elastic (as in picture) and thread the ends of the tulle strip through the loop, pull tight.

 If using different colors, alternate the way around. Fluff the tulle when all of it has been added to the elastic.

 Now you have a pretty little tutu perfect for twirling in!

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