Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Baby Bed set

Yesterday we receivedthe baby's bedding set! I was going to make the baby's bedding but this was only a few dollars more to buy already ready to go and so beautiful that I couldn't resit!!
The funny part is I wans't even looking for any bedding but came across this set on the Babies R US web site.(although I had to buy it form Amazon) It is even more beautiful in person! It is so lovely and soft. I love the little bird  on here too. We will be getting the crib soon so as soon as I have it up I will share it with you!

We found out what the baby is too, hubby cracked at the unltra sound! (I am surprised it wasn't me, lol) I thought it would fun if you want to guess what you think the baby is! So you think the baby is a boy or girl??
You can vote on the top of side bar this weekend!


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